"Fishing The Southern California Aqueduct"



Got my big bang! Went up this morning to get my 4th of July Striper and got it. Don't know the weight but over 12 - 14 lbs. Happy 4th of July. Striper Bill

Early morning hit. 24 inches long. Striper Bill

Another early morning hit 26 1/2 inches long. July 6, 2014. Aprox 8-9 lbs. Sorry just guessing no way to weigh. Striper Bill

Another early morning hit, July 8, 2014. 30 inches long. Aprox 14 lbs or so. Striper Bill

Day before Halloween Striper

My day before Halloween Striper. Cool Striper Bill 

Halloween Striper

Went out fishing this morning and got a treat. Happy Halloween! Striper Bill

November Striper

My today Striper! Landed on November 8th early morning. 24 1/2 inches long. 


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