"Fishing The Southern California Aqueduct"

Hybrid Stripers

"Identification for Freshwater Stripers and Hybrids"  


Striped bass do breed in freshwater and spend their adult lives in saltwater. Striped bass do not tolerate water temperatures above 80 F. Striped bass have been mated with White bass to produce Hybrids sometimes called "Sunshine bass", or wipers". Hybrid Stripers are more tolerant of higher water temperatures and can survive in more Southern climates.

Stripers will grow to a weight of 50lbs + pounds in freshwater. Hybrids stripers have a wider body and rarely exceed 20 pounds. Freshwater stipers feed on mainly shad. Once the water temperature exceeds 70 F, the shad and stripers seek deeper, cooler water.

The lures that imitate a shad are best, in the aqueduct the three good ones are Red Fins and Rebels, and L-Rattle Traps. Another one is the storm wildeye swim baits.

The record freshwater striped bass weighed 67lbs.8oz. It was caught by Hank Ferguson in O'neil Forbay, San Lius California on May 7, 1992.


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